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The “I Guess I Should Just Quit My Job And Listen To Japanese Music” Award For Album I Didn’t Actually Listen To In 2010 But Am Pretty Sure Would Have Made My Final List: Tokyo Pinsalock’s Kurukuru To Guruguru

After listening to the few snippets of songs posted on their MySpace, I wasn’t asking “if” Tokyo Pinsalock’s new album Kurukuru To Guruguru would be one of the best Japanese albums of the year but rather just how high it would end up on my personal list. Even with just a tiny preview of what to expect on the full-length I sat convinced the trio had made something special, the sound of the blooming techrock genre potentially being pushed into it’s most poppy incarnation yet. I eagerly awaited the day I could get my hands on Kurukuru and pen the subsequent gushy review.

I never actually listened to Tokyo Pinsalock’s newest, though I still really want to. Finding a physical copy of this record has been damn near impossible – I live in the country and the closest music store only sells stuff from the 90’s, while my few trips into Osaka as of late have reaped no physical copies of this album. Even, cough, other means of acquiring this LP have been foiled by rarity, I running Wile-E-Coyote like towards what I want the most only to realize it was painted onto a canyon wall and now my face has been smashed. 2011 beckons, and still I refresh Google.

So as this blog prepares to unveil it’s Favorite Album’s Of 2010 list, keep in mind Tokyo Pinsalock’s newest work had a very strong chance of getting on it but due to a general difficulty in locating it, won’t. If you ever see a real copy of this album, I urge you to buy it because this is on some Loch-Ness-Monster stuff.