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Threedays Film

A lot of people moan about “indie” music nowadays, how it all sounds the same and how so many bands eschew taking risks in favor of playing it boringly safe in hopes of landing on a movie trailer. And those people would be…pretty damn right, actually, there is a lot of pulse-less “indie” being put out nowadays. I blame The OC. Regardless, I also cop to still enjoying a fair amount of this kinda boring indie music, because 1.) I have a sentimental side that recognizes this is the type of music that excited me back in the day before words like “dubstep” or “glo-fi” meant anything to me and 2.) they can still be good songs even if they are a little less than daring.

So yeah…Threedays Film. They sound like Death Cab For Cutie, with the import caveat of “before Ben Gibbard and co. got terrible.” Lead single “Cageling” off the band’s latest album Woodlands should definitely sound familiar, but also deserves credit for an awareness of space, the band ducking between little sonic cracks during the track’s run time. Nothing amazing, but also pretty good and familiar.