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Trance Out: Shinji Masuko’s “Woven Music For Silver Ocean”

Boredoms’ guitarist Shinji Masuko’s solo song “Woven Music For Silver Ocean” doesn’t sound particularly similar to the noise rattled up by his main gig, but both end up doing the same thing to me. Masuko multi-tracks guitars over one another on “Woven,” the loud noises created by his instrument blurring together into one hypnotic horizon of noise burning out. It’s chillwave turned IMAX, the difference between staring at Troll 2 on a tiny TV screen and watching a planet be created inches from you. And now we loop back to the Boredoms’ connection – though “Woven” ends up being a more reserved (albeit loud) affair, Masuko’s composition mimics the trance-inducing power of his other group’s astral chaos.

Thanks to Altered Zones for posting this. Listen there.