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Trekkie Trax Kinda Thursday: New EP From Sleepwell, New Song From DubbyMaple

Trekkie Trax have been gaining steam for a bit now, and the momentum keeps on building. They have this English article, for starters, and already lay claim to one of January’s stronger Japanese electronic releases via Amunoa’s Cinderella Song. The imprint’s latest offering is from producer Sleepwell with Zzz which…well, sorry for this, but it is far from a snooze. It is a mostly uptempo collection, that offers up a lot of snapping dance tracks (though it also makes room for numbers like “Madness,” at times a minimal wriggler and later on a rush of noise). Listen to it above.

Producer DubbyMaple’s latest track, “Nebula3000,” isn’t technically out under the Trekkie Trax umbrella, but he has released music with them so close enough for today. His latest is a bleeping, fast track that messes around with tempo a bit, and comes out as a solid spinball of a song. Listen below.