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Trekkie Trax Teams Up With Good Enuff For Compilation Featuring Foodman, KiWi And More

Tokyo label Trekkie Trax has teamed up with Mad Decent sub-label Good Enuff for a compilation celebrating the Japanese netlabel. This isn’t the first time these two entities have criss-crossed, and many of the artists here have also been featured on Good Enuff. The best moments come from the artists who seem most out of this particular orbit (and, when they’ve even grazed the ears of Mad Decent hypebeasts, are met with a beautiful chorus of “what the fuck is this” and “this isn’t music”). Unsurprisingly, Foodman delivers a winner with the fragile “Oyaji Voice,” which finds the electronic oddball giving himself ample space to play around with voices. Far more crowded but just as off-kilter is KiWi, whose EDM-gone-Haunted-Mansion shines on the high-energy hoedown of “S.A.G.E.” The rest of the compilation is more what you would expect from both sides, highlighted by Foxsky’s interpretation of Miami bass on “Like That,” and Ryuki Miyamoto’s skittery “Clap! Clap!” Listen below, or on a streaming service.