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Trekkie Trax Teams Up With HAKAisDead Featuring Carpainter, Amps And More

Two Tokyo-based netlabels come together to start 2018 off with a bang — Trekkie Trax and HAKAisDEAD released Trekkie Trax x HAKAisDEAD, which loads up on songs from…well, artists associated with both digi-imprints. Like many compilation albums put out by either netlabel (or by the bulk of dance labels globally), it highlights a diverse array of electronic sounds showing the breadth of Tokyo’s current community. Unlike many, it features a charming intro that actually states this, with a Mac-talk-like voice telling you what you’ll hear, ending with “and whatever your favorite sounds.” From there, it’s a dive into a whole lot, from one of the swifter songs Carpainter has released in recent memory (the chipmunk-vocalled slide of “Rapid Jam”) to Amps offering up a smooth-and-fidgety number via “From The Bop.” The start of 2018 has been heavy on comps, so I’ve been writing something like this regularly, but it’s true…just dive in and find the track and artist that fits you. Get it here, or listen below.