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Trick Quilt: Oorutaichi’s “Moeru Himitsu” Featuring Kicell


The video for Osaka musician Oorutaichi’s “Moeru Himitsu” features various crudely filmed scenes of everyday life edited together in nearly nonsensical order, creating a weird clip where ordinary shots of orange juice and chickens take on a slightly disturbing appearance. It’s kinda like that one Charlotte Gainsbourg video without all the quirky indie bullshit and Beck. You’d think the music accompanying this clip show would be equally strange – yet “Moeru Himitsu” really isn’t all that weird. Oorutaichi might throw a few oddball noises into the mix here and there, yet it’s like putting a few slabs of bacon on a Christmas tree – a little strange but the overall prettiness makes you forget about those irregularities quickly. Credit goes to Oorutaichi, always reliable for a great sounding beat, here anchored by strobey synths and laced with new-age glows. Yet Kicell’s vocal hops around right in the middle, and it makes “Moeru Himitsu” a pop song…just listen to the cheery chorus. The seven-minute run time coupled with the forward-thinking production means this will never ever ever see the Oricon charts (like it had a chance in the first place), but it’s a catchy tune that also shows Oorutaichi’s style just right. “Moeru Himitus” comes from the new Cosmic Coco album.