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Triple Trouble: Blacklolita, Oshirijima And Ryuki Miyamoto Team Up For #LΛNCHR EP

Hashtags in album titles? What a world, I tell ya.

Via Trekkie Trax, the trio of Blacklolita, Oshirijima and Ryuki Miyamoto have teamed up for #LΛNCHR, a high-energy set that starts off with each contributor sharing a solo number. Those veer towards the uptempo sort of track one would expect from a Trekkie Trax release, though all three manage solid drama out of the build-drop format — Miyamoto’s “Go Down” stands out, going from icy to chaotic, ushered in by a voice informing you “oh shit’s about to go down.” It’s solid, club-ready stuff, but the EP really gets going when the producers team up for songs, allowing them a chance to explore new sonic territory. Miyamoto and Blacklolita’s “Secret Weapon” takes the shard-like breakdown of a drop and plays around with it, making for a compelling (and heavy) listen. “Signal Stalker” and “Feel So Good,” meanwhile opt for lither, pitched-vocal numbers, with a few moments of release. Listen above, or get it here.