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Turns Out I’m Not Crazy: Live Performance Of “Manekineko Duck No Uta”

Told you this was getting popular – the Afflac jingle “Manekineko Duck No Uta” has gone from 30-second spot to twee-tastic music video to an actual live experience. Japan Probe has got the video.


Most startling of all is this performance seems to be happening on Music Station, probably the biggest weekly music show on in Japan (and also a show I keep meaning to live blog for this here site, but always find myself going out on Friday night instead). Mariah Carey just performed on this show, and now they’ve got this. Really, the only thing you can say about this tiny phenomenon is it just keeps getting cuter (peep the flu mask the kid is sporting). Also, this song is probably better than 50 percent of the stuff Music Station usually features.

Want to meet that duck-cat so bad.