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Twin Treats: CRYV

Tokyo duo CRYV warrant a blog post for one factoid alone…the band consists of a set of twins. I can’t think of many other bands with such a lineup, so this seems pretty “man bites dog” worthy to me. Thankfully, it turns out musical talent runs in the genes because CRYV’s take on electronic indie-pop sounds darn good. Their latest release boasts two good songs – “April & You, March & I” not only nails the rules of grammar, it also ends up being a successful bit of manic indie electro. Recall the far-off days when kaleidoscopic electronic groups M83 and Manitoba drew comparison to My Bloody Valentine…CRYV would have fit right in, as “April & You” manages to layer itself in a way where the vocals drift over the music like sped-up clouds and the whole affair manages to change while still sounding the same. It’s not as feedback-rich as any of the above acts, though, substituting near-Sigur Ros levels of wonderment in its place. The Jonsi comparisons on B-side “Night That My Breath Caught,” a more straightforward bit of pop full of childish chimes and wide-eyed singing. CRYV go a bit too far with this group hug, though, as it quickly becomes a nuisance after two minutes. Yet they got that A-side, which you can hear here. And the whole twin angle.