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Twisted Dreams: Gurun Gurun’s Atarashii Hi EP

Dreamy singer-songwriter Cuushe has kept busy in recent months, preparing her new EP and slowly sharing songs from it. Yet she also found time to record vocasl with woozy outfit Gurun Gurun, a project on Tokyo’s Home Normal label, for the title track of their latest EP. What’s most interesting about this, though, is how different Cuushe sounds on “Atarashii Hi.” She’s mostly been heard on her own hazy pop, or as the vocalist for Neon Cloud which…is similarly dreamy, just a bit darker and more unsettling. Gurun Gurun’s music, though, is twisty and disconnected, random string pulls and electronic sounds popping up around Cuushe’s voice, which comes across clearly in this scatterbrained song. It is experimental art pop, made memorable thanks to Cuushe’s contributions, wrangling a mess of sounds into something resembling a song.

The rest of the EP mostly finds artists remixing said track, whether it be into an intense lumberer of a track (Nanonum’s take) or a more electronic warp (Hideki Umezawa’s rework). Also present is a song that might actually be more up Cuushe’s default setting, but sung by the singer Miko. Get it here, or listen below.