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Two Compilations Of Music For Summer 2018 From commune310

Oh what a wonderful way to close out the remaining days of summer. The ever-reliable commune310 shared two compilations of summer material recently, and A gets off to a hot start, with Bamboo’s “I Can Feel It’ delivering some loose-limbed funk before Yuzen’s eight-minute-plus “Yourself” delivers a slow-burning blast of tropical delight, loaded up with island percussion and dazzling synth melodies that result in an early peak for this set. It only gets faster from there — complete with high-speed rework of Perfume’s “Fusion” worked in. Listen to it below, or get here.

B doesn’t really slow down from there, though it does take on a new kind of energy. It leans heavier on future bass and EDM elements, though it also makes room for the Tatsuro-Yamashita-sampling delirium of Star Jaxx’s “Shall We?” a clever re-work that avoids easy tempo-up feelings in favor of something a bit more slippery (with original vocals to boot). The pace only picks up from there, and the whole thing ends up being a good pick me up, complete with a Nelly-Kelly-Rowland flip courtesy of kissmenerdygirl. Get it here, or listen below.