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Vanilla Beans Cover MGMT, Reinforce The Idea MGMT Are Doomed To Be Defined By “Kids”


Doubt this will cheer up the dudes in MGMT as they brace for a month of year-end lists conveniently lacking Congratulationspotentially ironic geniuses Vanilla Beans went and covered “Kids.” Watch the video above which features nearly all the Vanilla Beans trademarks…though they seem to be smiling more. It’s a pretty straight-ahead-captain version, making the entire affair a little more rave-friendly with those synths. Otherwise though…nothing crazy radical going on here.

I originally planned on writing a paragraph on how much Japan LOVES “Kids” as evidenced by The Sweet Vacation’s more pop-friendly cover and the fact that song always closes out indie dance nights ’round these parts (in my limited experience that is!). Then I remembered EVERYONE loves this song and that even Weezer…BAD Weezer…cover this so this isn’t a Japan phenomenon. Yet nobody gives a damn about “Siberian Breaks.”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Eat a lot o’ cornbread for me. I’m thankful for Neaux to posting this first.