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Ventla’s Back! New CD Out This Saturday, Hear One Song Now

Japanese bedroom producer Ventla is one of the country’s most interesting indie artists going…and that feels like an understatement. He stated that his end goal is to release “100 recordings,” and that has mostly meant albums…and unlike most lofty chatter (looking at you, Sufjan Stevens), it doesn’t seem to be BS. Dude really has released a quarter of his goal thus far, and they are rarely tossed off — Ventla brings new ideas to the table with each album, whether it be an acoustic set or embracing boogied-out synths on another.

Ventla seemed to go away for a while, but he’s triumphantly returned in recent weeks. He did an Astrocast with Astro Nautico, along with an interview (shade thrown at journalists, ouch) and now he’s planning to release a new CD-R of material this Saturday. The catch is, Ventla will be selling it himself in Shinjuku so you have to go get it yourself. But hey, he is already promising a free release in the near future too. And he shared one song from the forthcoming CD-R, which you can hear above. We are just glad he is back.