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Warm Jekyll And Funky Hyde: Occult You’s “Warp Drive”

Taquwami arrived at our virtual doorstep with the fuzzy hug that was “Dawnz,” that embraced a super simple formula en route to an enveloping tune that felt safe and calm. Yet Taquwami conceals an unchained side too, a part of him that counts down until Friday night so he can drink too much Coors Light and make a fool of himself in his living room. That side is dubbed Occult You, and the song “Warp Drive” (originally dropped in October) indicates this is the dude’s dance project. “Warp Drive” funks out on the same squiggly synths Toro Y Moi favored on Causers Of This, while also being reminiscent of the sound Tokyo’s Greeen Linez built on that duo’s superb self-titled EP. As busy and electric as “Warp Drive” gets, Occult You wisely keeps the beat bumping ahead, making sure this affair remains squirmy in the best sense of that word. Listen below.

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