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Warm Weather Sounds: Sync Sweep

Sync Sweep would be worth a mention for his generosity alone. Dude has gone and posted all 14 songs from his forthcoming album Silent Message for the masses on MySpace to enjoy. Added bonus – the album sounds good! I realize describing everything as “perfect for the season” can quickly turn annoying (cut me some slack…it might not be Chicago out here, but I still have to walk to work in the cold), yet Sync Sweep really does warrant the seasonally inclined praise of “warm weather music.” Song titles like “Windvalley” and “La Festa!” kinda give it away, but the mood truly gets spiked into you via the easy-breezy instrumentation and Otter-Pop-cool beat. The term “Balearic beat” already exists, though Syn Sweep tends to recall images of the great Swedish beach party The Tough Alliance threw back in 2008 than a sweaty club in Ibiza. Call me lazy for simply throwing this in the vague “summer sounds” barrel, but make sure you remember Sync Sweep when you need to soundtrack that July beach barbecue.