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Washed Over: Lemon’s Chair

A lot of shoegazey/dreamy/yr-term-of-choice gets featured around these parts. Lemon’s Chair sorta fits the bill…it’s got that hazy guitar sound that usually forces necks downwards. Yet this trio’s music pushes past the shackling “shoegaze” label thanks to it’s ambient leanings. No vocals grace Lemon’s Chair music, just waves of feedback and the simplest of beats nudging these splotchy tunes forward. The bracing “Swallowtail” is nothing more than some steely guitar circling around itself with slight developments. For eight minutes. It has much more in common with the noise genre, a fact that becomes even clearer when you turn “Swallowtail” up. “Halycon” sounds a bit more melodic, never soaring to high volume-wise and the instruments rarely fall all over one another like on “Swallowtail.” Yet Lemon’s Chair finds a way to throw off an otherwise straightforward instrumental by having the guitars teeter, their pitches changing ever so slightly. Lemon’s Chair just released a new album titled I Hate? I Hope?. Listen to more of the group here.