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Weekend Roundup: Nite Body, Negative Headphone, Niisuu And Figure

Some quick hits, while I deal with waking up at 5:30 in the morning to watch American sports (go terribly wrong, at least for the author’s preferred team at time of writing):

— Nite Body shared two new songs over the weekend, both of them nocturnal delights. Whereas earlier works courtesy of the producer worked in a sense of unease, the pair of “Obsidian” and “Lost In Diamonds” don’t contain any creepy underside. The latter, in fact, is one of the shiniest and most upbeat tracks Nite Body has created yet. Listen to that one above.

— Out of Yamaguchi, Negative Headphone’s “Cosmos” is a slowly building, ultimately rollicking bit of electronic rock that, even at its most forceful, has a dream-like haze around it. Listen below.

— On the more forceful side of the universe, producer Niisuu brings out “Cosmic Rain,” darty electronic number full of pounding beats and water droplets (natch). This would be a pretty standard slice of “future bass” if not for the woozy, carnival-ready melody that pops up later, which adds some nice flair. Listen below.

— Lastly, an old favorite around these parts, Nagoya’s Figure! “Jasper” adds some sparkle to a guitar-based sound that most times veered towards something more crushing than comforting (similarly, see House Of Tapes). Yet here, the rock chug slows down ever so slightly and lets keyboard shine on over it. Figure creates a song that sounds somewhere between melancholy and optimistic. Listen below.