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Weekend Surprise: Greeen Linez “Palm Coast Freeway”

I came across Greeen Linez “Palm Coast Freeway” a bit ago, whenever the excellent folks over at No Modest Bear first posted the summer-tastic clip accompanying the song. I listened to and enjoyed the song, possibly preparing my next-day lunch while enjoying that almost sleazy bass strut out of my speakers. “Great song!” I thought. Then, this past weekend, I met up with my editor Shaun from The Japan Times in Osaka. He mentioned Greeen Linez and revealed a big bombshell for me…half of the group was based in Tokyo. They are associated with Tokyo group Diskotopia, and appear to have a release waiting in the wings. Mind, meet the concept of being blown.

So yeah…this post comes a little late in the hype circle, but big ups to Greeen Linez for producing the perfect soundtrack to rubbing sunscreen on someone’s back in early August. Though this could certainly be filed as “chillwave,” there is a lot of stuff that actually pushes “Palm Coast Freeway” to stranger places than that. That bass, for one, which for some reason reminds me of Joey Greco. Yet also the whole package just strikes me as very…”Nuthin But A G Thang?” The keyboards mainly, but the whole song carries a laid-back, blunted (but, crucially, not lazy!) atmosphere that reminds me of a California summer. I’m so glad this partially hails from Japan, so I have an excuse to write about it. Listen below.

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Greeen Linez – Palm Coast Freeway from Diskotopia Tokyo on Vimeo.