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Welcome To “Stuff We Missed Month” At Make Believe Melodies!

Last year, we devoted one week of the year to covering music somehow overlooked by the purveyors of this blog. Over the course of seven days, we rushed out reviews of albums and songs that caught our attention but either slipped by or required us to spend a lot of time thinking about. Or we got distracted by who knows what. As nice as it was to offer thoughts on great sounds that got by us, it was also a tad frantic putting out so much in such a short amount of time.

Which is why for 2011 Make Believe Melodies will stretch out the “Stuff We Missed” theme into a month-long celebration of stuff unfortunately missed so far this year. Whether we failed to write about something because we need to spend more quality time with it (Chabe, Sloppy Joe), or because there were other things on the burner (DODDODO) or just ’cause the clowns at Amazon ran out of copies to ship out (The Mornings), now is the time to revisit them. The time expansion helps us to also fit in more contemporary albums…the new Capsule needs reviewin’, while Puffyshoes and She Talks Silence both have fresh releases lurking in the shadows…while also allowing for a glance back. So keep an eye out this month!