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What If I Say No?: Give Me Wallets’ “Amneasia”

These dudes, balls of titanium I tell you. That band name isn’t politely asking for a single wallet – they are demanding you give them wallets as if the average person has three extra chain purses on them at all times. The testicular fortitude doesn’t end at the aggressive moniker – new song “Amneasia” clocks in at over eight minutes, and the first three of those are devoted to some bleeping blooping and singing. These fucking guys!

Then they flip the track around and this blooms into a Foals-lite boogie, all precise guitar interplay pillowed by more twinkly electronics. The singing becomes more emotional – lead singer sounds really defeated and on the edge of flipping late in the song, and then he dissolves into Starburst-colored sine waves reminiscent of Walter Meego (YouTube, folks). What initially seems like daunting swagger ends up being a really good slow burner. These guys…I wouldn’t mess with ’em. Listen here.