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Wiggly Beats: AR30: Autumn Compilation

Ignore one of the worst cover images I’ve seen all year — no easy accomplishment, given the terrors of Bandcamp’s “Japan” tag — and focus on the music within AR30: Autumn Compilation, which is much much better. The electronic collective’s second comp of 2016 highlights their creative approach to beatmaking, which oftentimes runs well beyond the usual “dusty soul sample flipped” you find from Japanese producers. Kawakami Kohei’s “Kakapo,” for example, fits samples alongside bell chimes and other click-clacking, resulting in a great contrast that keeps things interesting for the entire playtime. The fragmented dance music of Rigly Chang’s “Turn Me On” and the sweaty rainforest rhythms of Tidal’s “Acdc” are other highlights, though every contribution impresses in its own way, and never feels like it is in search of something more. Get it here, or listen below.