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Worthy Of Hype Beasts: UKR Featuring MCpero “Edelweiss”

Omake Club seems poised for a big first half of the year, including a new album from Zombie-Chang in the spring. First, though, comes an album from producer UKR (aka Ukai Ryota), highlighted by “Edelweiss,” a song featuring the ever-versatile MCpero. The music itself is a skippy concoction, UKR needling guitar melodies alongside synths and drum-machine beats, swerving from laid-back, city-pop teasing fare to something quite melancholy. It’s a good backdrop for MCpero, who delivers a more reeled-in performance, avoiding joyful outbursts in favor of something more eyes to the ground. It gels well with the music itself, and when she starts singing come the chorus, it works even better, her voice straining to rise above the sound. Listen above.