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Yasutaka Nakata Update Central: Wave Runner Mega Mix And E-Girl’s

Producer Yasutaka Nakata is going to have a busy first quarter in 2015, highlighted by a new album from his Capsule project. In advance of Wave Runner’s February 18 release, a “Mega-Mix Movie” has been released, featuring snippets of the songs on the duo’s latest full-length. The preview confirms that Nakata and vocalist Toshiko Koshijima are moving away from the experimentation of last year’s Caps Lock in favor of booming, EDM-flavored electro. The accompanying movie, meanwhile, hints at maybe why they are moving in that direction — the emphasis is on Capsule’s live show, and considering EDM will probably be at its trendiest peak in Japan in 2015, it seems like a push on Capsule being a live experience. Ultra Japan 2015 here they come? Watch and listen aboe.

Nakata, though, has at least one big pop song under his 2015 umbrella too. He’s collaborated with E-Girls, the 27-member-strong idol outfit actually intended for women on the song “Music Flyer” from the group’s forthcoming January 1st album. And it has landed on the Internet, and you can take a listen here. Dude found his knack for killer percussion again, because this slaps.