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your gold, my pink

Curse you Tuesday Japanese class! If it weren’t for you and your “I’m just trying to help you learn the language of the country you live in,” I could be a totally irresponsible 20-something and check out the inexplicably lowercased your gold, my pink. A relatively new four-piece (released their first E.P. last December), this promising outfit’s debut mini-album Parade drops Oct. 21.

your gold, my pink play Hives-ey/Vines-ey rock…with a twist! Much like a more well-behaved Los Campesinos!, these guys add squawks and hollers throughout their songs, adding an edge of unexpectedness to the proceedings. your gold, my pink aren’t afraid to disrupt the riff-centric rock they create (see: cowbell-bongo breakdown on “Are You Sensitive?”), they just make sure to return to said riff before things get to out of hand. Here’s the aforementioned “Are You Sensitive?,” the most attention grabbing song available online.


So anyone in/near Osaka should go out to 2nd Line and report in on how these kids are live. Or pretend to be me at the local community center.