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Yunomi’s “Sakura Saku”

Genres are a tricky thing. People want you to reject them until they don’t — a lot of folks act like the concept of a genre is limiting until they need to fence others off from it. Yunomi’s “Sakura Saku” is a rare number where styles actually do get sucked up into a vortex, the end result jamming a lot of familiar ideas together into something not concerned with being defined by any of them. The song takes cues from traditional Japanese music (even working in some older instruments) and slams them against EDM-ready bass ripples, all while guest vocalist Nicamoq skips between the mess (getting out of the way before that familiar Jersey bed spring hops by). Like a lot of Internet-centric Japanese producers…and like fellow Hokkaido residents Qrion and Parkgolf…Yunomi doesn’t get caught up on sounding like any one thing, instead turning “Sakura Saku” into something uniquely itself — especially right before the three-minute mark, when the song explodes into hyperspeed and really underlines that whole “genres, who needs ’em” thing. Listen above.