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Yuzame Label’s Hatsune Miku Compilation I Want To Tell You Features Yunomi, Mecanika And More

In general, I’m drawn to music utilizing Vocaloid software in an experimental manner, or just pushing it to its digital extreme. Basically, give me a computer voice that sounds like a computer over a computer voice trying to be human. Yuzame Label’s I Want To Tell You isn’t pushing the singing-synthesizer program in any new ways, but rather serves up eight electro-pop numbers starring Hatsune Miku. And they all shine in their own way. The most direct are simply skippy pop number featuring big bright hooks and a lot of synthesizers, such as Ichisei Rupo’s bouncing “Restart” or Mysteka’s rumbling “Vivid,” which sees how airy Miku’s voice can get. Mecanika switches things up, turning “Raw” into a start-stop rev up wherein Miku’s voice is turned into a sonic dressing rather than the focus. It’s the most creative use of her voice here. Meanwhile, Yunomi closes out I Want To Tell You with a song building on his style, offering something a bit more spacious and dramatic (but still featuring traditional instruments), with Miku simply serving as his guest vocalist. Get it here, or listen below.