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AR30 Rings In 2019 With AR30​: New Year Compilation 2019 Featuring Yuichi Nagao, RieMellowJunk And More

New year (or at last new season) means new compilation from the electronic collective AR30. AR30​: New Year Compilation 2019 gathers nine tracks to get the Year of the Boar off to a strong start. The set gets off to a fast start with Yuichi Nagao’s “Light,” a rush of fuzzy vocal samples, car horns and percussion that makes a drastic switch-up midway through to become a more meditative, piano-guided number. RieMellowJunk’s “Past Mistakes” features beats stutter-stepping forward while strings play off around them, while Soshi Takeda takes everything into a more relaxed space with the glassy house of “Building Reflection.” Dig in to find the tunes that help make 2019 start off smoothly. Get it here, or listen below.