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Neon Cloud Remixes Blue Foundation’s “Describe,” We Are Mostly Pumped Neon Cloud Are Back

Neon Cloud Neon Cloud Neon Cloud Neon Cloud! Sorry for the excitement, but this is the first new output from the mysterious Tokyo project since 2011’s excellent (and only getting better with time) Knit EP. This isn’t quite an original work, but what Neon Cloud does to Brooklyn outfit Blue Foundation’s (really good on its own!) “Describe” takes it into very familiar territory for the Flau artist. The rhythm is kept intact, but Neon Cloud’s remix integrates new background elements that take this into a more unsettling place, such as a more abrupt beat and various synth swirls. Yet this version of “Describe” really takes off when Neon Cloud reverses Blue Foundation’s vocals and then the fragile voice of the remixer herself comes out of the shadows into the song. From there, this becomes a Neon Cloud song that just happens to have a clearer, male voice at the forefront, while Cloud’s voice darts around in the background. Listen to it below, and keep your fingers crossed for a new Neon Cloud release sometime this year.