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Ryuuta Takaki’s Stillness EP

The defining moment on Tokyo-based producer Ryuuta Takaki’s Stillness EP comes near the end, on the track “Phantasm.” The track opens in a relaxed and minimal matter, bordering on sounding like an electronic imitation of a peaceful meadow. Takaki’s sounds resemble the chirping of birds, and only a skittering beat really seems out of place. At the 54-second mark, though, the song blows up into a club banger, the beat swallowing up everything else and just taking control. Then…it vanishes too and the song turns nearly ambient. It’s the perfect snapshot of an EP that finds Takaki exploring the interplay between noisy and the serene – songs boast nature-evoking titles (“Under The Water,” “Chill Wind,” “Sleety Rain”) and oftentimes sound minimalist. Yet the beatmaker also punctures these songs with moments of noise, of something more club friendly. It’s a brief collection of songs, but a solid one. Listen here.