Kansai Scene: New Madegg, And Vice Versa, Eadonmm X Ryuei Kotoge

Lot to report out of the Kansai electronic music scene this week, starting with Kyoto producer Madegg’s newly released Alone Breath To My Family EP. It’s a collection of his wonkiest productions to date – late cut “Moviesound,” in particular, is among the most off-the-wall song he’s ever put together – yet still defined by his penchant for off-kilter percussion. Also, for an EP, this set stretches on for quite some time…makes you wonder what his next full-length will be like. Get it here.

Fellow INNIT regular And Vice Versa is also releasing new music, in the form of a new track titled “Island.” It’s a straightforward dance track highlighted by a female-vocal sample and, smack-dab in the middle, a barely intelligible spoken-word sample that serves as a nice (and sorta mysterious!) breather. Listen below.

Last, we swing back to Kyoto to check up on the always unnerving Eadonmm, who has a new album titled Aqonis out on Day Tripped Records this Spring. He’s previewing one track from that full-length, a collaboration with producer Ryuei Kotoge called “Antibody” that centers around some shadowey vocal samples that sound as if they are bursting through a wall of fog. Expect more words on Eadonmm’s forthcoming album soon, but for now listen below.

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