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√thumm Prep New Album, Hear Samples Of Every Track On Mimoro Now

Nara’s √thumm have a new album out on June 20 called Mimoro and Make Believe Melodies is appropriately geeked. Our geeked levels have shot through the roof now that the techrock trio have posted a preview of every track on the album, which you can hear below. Refresher – √thumm made this blog’s favorite album of 2009 and our fourth-favorite album of the following year so yeah…excited for this one. And the samples make us even giddier – the Capsule-inspired electro-pop remains (“Blue Marble,” “White”), but the band now seem interested in bending their robo vocals a bit more (“Prophet,” “Time Trip”) while also making room for more reserved songs. Oh, and whatever “Cutesy” is sounds lovely. Listen below.