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New The Paellas: “Distance”

Osaka’s The Paellas’ best releases this year have been able to strike a good balance between noise and silence. See the lovely side-swaying “Lights,” which found the group using vast amounts of space to build up tension for the big mid-song release, one of the better moments in Japanese indie rock this year. Now along comes “Distance,” and The Paellas have stepped out of the shadows in favor of something more in-your-face. “Distance” surges ahead, all electric-guitar chords and slightly distorted vocals, the song presenting a new side of The Paellas. Yet “Distance” still fits in a moment of surprise, as the sudden burst in noise found in “Lights.” A sweeter guitar line sneaks in early, and sews its way across the song, adding some softness to an otherwise prickly number. Listen below.