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A.B. Perspectives

“We are not band!” So declare whoever makes up A.B. Perspectives, a relatively minimalist electro group out of Tokyo. Whether that declaration means only one person operates under this moniker or whether this group doesn’t see themselves as a traditional band is never made clear…whichever way, A.B. Perspectives craft some lovely electronic blankets. Their music rarely puts up much of a fight, choosing instead to slip by like a drunken night spent in downtown Tokyo, neon lights floating by. Something like the breezy “Gustav Klimt” simultaneously passes by almost soundlessly while also leaving a huge imprint, those electronics piling up and forming into an unavoidable structure. “t&t” comes closest to being a pure lullaby, but a faint backbone of drum gives it just enough muscle to avoid being sleepy. This stuff hovers in the area of “great background music,” but close attention reveals a lot of detail worth studying. Listen to this not-a-band here.