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New √thumm: “Harukami” And “Since Yesterday”

Like kids getting a new puppy or a high school baseball team winning a big tournament, a very specific set of Japanese music fans are pumping their fists in celebration today as tech-rock crew √thumm’s new album Yamatopia drops today. To trio have posted two songs from their second LP onto MySpace to help get you even more hyped up. Well, one-and-a-half songs seeings as they only give us a sample slice of “Since Yesterday.” It’s a bouncy bit of shimmery pop which finds lead singer lio’s voice undergoing one of the more extreme digital manipulations yet.

The one entire track posted for listening pleasure is “Harukami.” In video form…over a month ago actually! It follows the lead of the slower songs on last year’s Coton by dialing back the manic pace in favor of pianos and having the electronics sort of wash over the listener. The big difference this time around, though, is how much more confident ico sounds singing. Her voice blended into the comforting buzz of the slow cuts from Coton, but here she stands out by twisting her voice in ways tracks like “Beautiful Field” didn’t allow for. And when everything melts together for the track’s final chorus, that’s when anticipation for this new album reaches a fever pitch. Watch below.