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Aerial Food: Flight Egg

I’ll cut straight to the chase…the band Flight Egg recently posted two new songs to their MySpace. One of them sounds like a stab at Radiohead balladry. The other, and the one I want to write about, is “道程.” The track opens with an indie-take on hard rock, meaning the guitars sound aggressive but still approachable. Then “道程” swerves into a strange fluttery place…modern day Wilco, but not nearly as lazy. Sure, the little guitar tricklets sound perfect for hammock chilling, but Flight Egg makes sure to keep the song from dissolving into Lays Potato Chip lameness. Then there’s the singing…sounding like a nasally Muppet, this unique voice rolls along with the pleasant breezy parts and erupts come the chorus. It’s the band’s secret weapon, and what sets this song apart.