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Controlled Karaoke: Super Gaijdlsjgfhdlgdjflsdfjhjvkl


I’m not going to touch the humor aspect of this video. I believe comedy should be held up to the same scrutiny other arts are subjected to…we’ve got to weed out the Dane Cook’s of the world before they grab leading roles. Still, the moment you criticize a “gag,” seas of people emerge to point out “it’s just for fun” and that you should “lighten up.” Fine fine, let’s throw substance out the window got it. Glad you spent so many hours creating and editing this just so you could go “whatever brah it’s just a joke.”

What I will criticize about the artist and song “Super Gaijin” is the sound. Any “jokes” contained in the lyrics get completely droned out by the sound quality, Super Gaijin clearly recording his vocals deep in a sea of pure shit. I don’t expect studio quality sound here, but in this day and age Super Gaijin shouldn’t be forced to use his super powers to sing under a million gallons of feces. So, get a notepad Super guy, and take notes.

1. Download Audacity
2. Open Audacity
3. Hit record
4. Sing. Look, this song’s a billion times better now!

Nice pink shoes though, buddy.