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Affable Noise And Luka Uemura: “If She Had Waved Back”

This isn’t the first time Osaka’s Luka Uemura has teamed up with the artist Affable Noise…back in May, the two teamed up to record a brief album of improvisations which you can hear this way. Now here they are, together again, presenting the world with a lovely late-August present mysteriously titled “If She Had Waved Back.” You can’t really tell whether the duo are exploring some sort of melancholic state following the lack of a bye-bye wave, OR an alternate universe where she did in fact move her hand back and forth a few times. Regardless, this track is the sort of thing you want to wrap around yourself and hide away in for a while, a warm collection of electronics blanketing some string plucks, the entire sonic quilt slowly changing in design and enveloping-ness during its run time. These two need to hook up a lot more. Listen below.

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