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EeL Preps New Single, “Fuwafuwa Pink Jellyfishes Floating In The Sky”


Let’s take this introductory paragraph to remember how hyper-pop artist EeL’s earlier-this-year album For Common People landed with a technicolor thud. That full length turned her formerly charming restlessness into predictable chore, the wacky kid in the class realizing everyone else expects him to act that way now and thus always acting “wacky.” For Common People seemed at times forced, but also just struck as EeL trying to make the most out of not many ideas, as a lot of those songs sounded a tad too similar to one another. Considering she’s got a solid discography behind her…exclamation-pointed by 2004 release Little Prince…this latest effort felt strange and not all that pleasant.

So it’s nice to possibly hear EeL edging back to the frantic sound she does so well on new single “Fuwafuwa Pink Jellyfishes Floating In The Sky.” I say “possibly” only because the clip at the top of this page is a teaser, so I can’t tell if the part that starts out as a Little Prince appropriate Disney spazz-out turned animatronic-freak-out (ushered in by a funk keyboard, nonetheless) turned one more time into photo-booth J-Pop is one full song or two. If it’s the prior…well, that’s how ya do it EeL! If it’s the latter…both tracks still outclass anything on For Common People. It’s a small taste of what EeL has been up to post-People but also deeply refreshing after what came before it.

She’s also started up an official BandCamp page, if ya want to get your hands on some other cool stuff.