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All Over The Place: Mom’s G.E.E.K

Trying to pin the artist known as Mom to one specific trend proves pointless. Which, funny enough, might actually be all the hook needed. The album G.E.E.K comes courtesy of Ano(t)raks, but stands as a particularly odd addition to their catalog. It starts out feeling both fitting and timely with the laid-back funk of “Boyfriend,” a number not far removed from the grooves of Suchmos or Lucky Tapes (the latter featuring Ano(t)raks veteran Kai Takahashi). Then things get weird. Mom veers between skippy, chime-accented pop on the next song, before drifting into a sort of Odd-Future-indebted rap, complete with Kanye West quotes (“I feel like Pablo”). And it only gets more unexpected from there, with woozy pop numbers and sweltering hip-hop complete with phones ringing. Yet for all the twists, Mom manages to always stay engaging, and make genre-skipping feel really natural. Get it here, or listen below.