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New Happy Kuru Kuru And Tomggg: “Namida Gusya Gusya

This seemed inevitable. Happy Kuru Kuru is one of those idol groups who have long used contemporary cuddly sounds — cough cough kawaii bass if you please cough cough — as a basis for their sound, working with producers such as Yunomi and Yuigot on chirpy cuts. So why not hook up with the producer who really got this chime-accented sound in style? Tomggg seems like a natural fit to build on Happy Kuru Kuru’s sound, and “Namida Gusya Gusya” features plenty of chimes and playroom-appropriate sounds. Yet here’s a twist — this song actually hints at some changes for Tomggg, whose music here features some flourishes closer to Shibuya-kei (or, perhaps, the zippier tempo of neo-Shibuya-kei). It’s a nice new twist for him, and gives Happy Kuru Kuru something approaching a throwback feel — but with a modern day flavor. Listen above.