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Ambient Exploration: Cokiyu’s “Siren In Tears”

Solo artist Cokiyu has, until now, stuck to a pretty strict style with her music. She makes dreamy, often natural-themed synth-pop that’s equal parts delicate and enveloping. Even simpler…I don’t turn to her music when I’m looking for something confrontational or abstract. Which is what makes her “Siren In Tears” song…available on Bandcamp…such a shaker. Recorded live in January of this year, it is a 15-minute-long track wherein an artist who once wrote songs about forest animals getting married dives into ambient music and noise. Passages of “Siren” are loud and in your face – the only force of nature it could be compared to would be a really fucked up typhoon. There are dollops of peace, mainly early on when Cokiyu sprinkles syllables of her voice over an ominous wisp that soon turns whirlpool like. After the rush…a misty outro that’s every bit as mysterious. Not sure what to classify this as in her song catalog, but it is a hell of an edition. Get it here, or listen below.