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Amunoa And In The Blue Shirt Team Up For Split Release

I’m always ready for something really heavy when Trekkie Trax come along with a new release, but this split between Amunoa and In The Blue Shirt isn’t quite as bone rattling as expected. And, given my current state (exhausted), it is very welcome. Amunoa’s half, “Lil’ Lady Luck,” is slightly more surprising, since I’m used to the creator pumping out hyper-speed dance numbers (the still excellent “Viber”). But this one takes it time, and even when it starts skittering off, everything seems a little more cushioned and sweet. As busy as it gets — and it does pick up the pace considerably in the home stretch — it still sounds a touch more relaxed.

In The Blue Shirt’s “Free Will” is more in his wheelhouse — a bunch of vocal samples tumblilng over one another and pitch-shifting in real time, but the end result being sweet and a touch nostalgic. Get it here.