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New Tofubeats: “I Believe In You”

Maltine Records turns 10 this year, and they’ve already celebrated with a big (and super fun) party at Tokyo’s Unit venue earlier this month. Today sees the next step in reveling with the release of the Maltine Book, a publication devoted to the pioneering netlabel (full disclosure: I was asked to contribute a piece for Maltine Book). It comes with a special compilation of music titled Bundle Of Joy, featuring songs from Avec Avec, Yoshino Yoshikawa, Meishi Smile and bo en among others. One contributor is Kobe’s Tofubeats, who shares a song doubling as the closer to his forthcoming album Positive. “I Believe In You” is a slow-burning bouncer, stretched out to just a hair short of eight minutes but featuring enough subtle development as to not drag. It’s good isolated, but I’m intrigued how it sounds as an album closer on a collection that’s shaping up very nicely. Listen above.