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And Vice Versa Is Now AVV, I Think, But Under Any Name, Go Listen To “Only You Know”

Not sure when And Vice Versa went for the acronym title, but the long-running producer and INNIT founder is still creating hypnotizing house tunes under any title. AVV’s latest, “Only You Know,” is a sun-gets-in-your-eyes slow burner, a skittery beat making way for some lithe electronics and a sweet vocal line in the center…before AVV smudges everything up, turning “Only You Know” into a blurred-out dance number. AVV has been doing this for quite some time, but this number — especially the singing draped on top of it — give it a new warmness. It’s an inviting and catchy number, and a reminder of the musical talent within a producer who has helped so man others take off. Listen above.