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Apocalypse Juke: KΣITO’s Revelation

Plenty of Japanese juke music sounds dark — see a fair amount of what came out of the Ghost label, or the Atomic Bomb Compilation series. So producer Keito Suzuki — who records as KΣITO — fits right in with his two-song set Revelation. The title track rumbles to life, and features a skittery vocal almost right from the crack, but it doesn’t get going until a black-hole bass sneaks in, spreading out under everything and adding an ominous atmosphere to the number. One that only grows as the song adds more wonky elements. “Travel In High Dimension” isn’t quite as mind-warping, but still conjures up an uneasy vibe thanks to little details…say the sound of what sounds like someone banging on a window, or the horror-movie electronics. Get it here, or listen below.