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Assorted Post-Vacation Catch-Up Post: Pqpqpqpqpq, Eriqu And Hideo Nakasako

Still trying to adjust to life after Winter Vacation, and part of that involves sifting through all the music released while I tried my best to avoid the Internet for two weeks. Here’s a quick post highlighting a few very recent releases worth listening to.

– Osaka’s Pqpqpqpqpq has been making dreamy electronic music for a couple years now, and recent upload “Crystal Eyes” captures the producer’s sound quite well. It is a blurry track, a bunch of sounds intersecting and swirling together, but with a lullaby-ish central melody that would sound at home in a Zelda fairy cave. Listen above.

– Producer Eriqu made a nifty juke song, using vocals from Rihanna’s “Rehab” and an appropriately skittery rush of electronics. Like a lot of electronic songs that have slithered onto SoundCloud so far in 2015, it is concerned with the summer (or at least sounds better suited for months where you don’t have to wear a coat). Listen below.

– Last, a new demo from producer Hideo Nakasako. “Down” is a shifty track, anchored by a muffled vocal sample and splashes of guitar. Listen below.