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Attack The Music Shares Synergy 2015 EP, Featuring DJ Genki And Pa’s Lam System

At this year’s Anime Central event in Chicago, the Friday night dance party Synergy featured some great Japanese artists taking to the decks. The fine folks at Attack The Music released an EP celebrating the event, featuring two original songs and a slew of remixes of said tracks (actually they have two albums, one of which is even more packed. But we are going to focus on the smaller release). The DJ Genki track (with Yukacco on vocal duty) is a nice slice of high-energy dance music, and the remixes offer up lots of nice ideas…

…but I’m primarily here for “Colors” by Pa’s Lam System, because Pa’s Lam System is one of the best projects going in Japan and every song they release tends to get me wiled up at my desk chair (like, as someone intensely self-conscious about dancing, I’ve nearly broken things because of how hyped “Like A Lady” has made me). “Colors” keeps it going, opening with a very short build up to a moment of pure release, Pa’s Lam System realizing there is no reason on holding off on something so good. That whirling cartoon tornado is made up of all sorts of weird sonic debris — half-second vocal chops, fluttery synths, fucking Yoshi jumping. And that first burst doesn’t repeat, but mutates into something different but every bit as joyously frantic. Listen below, or get it here.