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Parkgolf Remixes Cicada’s “Naughty Boy”

Of course you are going to end up with a drastic reworking when you hand off your song to someone like Parkgolf…he falls into the category of producer whose original music sounds like neon lights held together by various strings twisted into weird shapes. His approach to remixes of artists who don’t fall into the same general area as him…like, say, the outfit Cicada…ends up sounding radical compared to the original. And so is the case with “Naughty Boy,” where Parkgolf twists the song into a bright, burbling zip around. Listen above.

While we are here…the original “Naughty Boy” is really good too! Cicada released their first full-length album this year, and this song makes a strong argument to go pick it up — jazzy touches over a skittery beat, anchored by lovely vocals. Watch the video below.