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Avengers In Sci-Fi: The Band Most Committed To A Theme In 2010

I wore out the pages of my NASA-edition thesaurus trying to come up with new ways of saying Avengers In Sci-Fi made space-age music. Every new song blasting out…damn it, there I go…out of their camp came fitted with various intergalactic touches ranging from laser sounds to actual samples that might be astronaut talk. So it went…I saw them live back in the summer and all the astro-sounds remained intact, maybe even magnified on stage. I started running out of words related to supernovas and black holes…I feel I made a Tang joke…but I figured they had to run out of steam soon. How long can one band be committed to a space camp theme.

Turns out they can permanently latch themselves to it. Avengers released the full-length album Dynamo late this Fall, and the tracklisting alone reveals a group who love roleplaying Buzz Aldrin. “Intergalactic Love Song” turns into “Delight Slight Lightspeed” which gets followed by “Before The Stardust Fades.” That’s just one stretch…I haven’t even touched “Lovers On Mars” or “Where Stars Sleep.” More than just song titles, Avengers continue dashing their brand of headfirst-rock with touches of alien noises, including more laser-ish sounds (see excellent lead single “Delight Slight Lightspeed”) and what could be a hi-tech alarm aboard the International Space Station to open up “Before The Stardust Fades.” This absolute overload of space-sounds gives Dynamo both lots of highlights when they roll them into the music so well it adds a new layer of intrigue…and some letdowns when it becomes clear a song didn’t have enough going for it so why not throw some moon rocks on it. It all culminates with the massive “Space Station Styx,” an eight-minute slow-build starting off as lonely as a cosmonaut left to drift into the void alone before bursting into guitar-powered freak-outs on several occasions. Oh, and more astronaut samples. I don’t even know what words I’ve got left to sum this up, because I’m sure Avengers In Sci-Fi are already off to some other dimension by now.